Where have I been?!

So, apparently smelling 2-4 and sometimes even up to 6 or 8 perfumes a day is not a nice thing to do to your nose. I had stopped reviewing perfumes, because I had stopped sampling them, because I had stopped being able to smell them any longer. Thankfully, it’s been a moment and my sense of smell has begun to return to me. However, my immense passion for perfume hasn’t yet returned. I have a bad habit of falling in love and quickly out of it. I will still be sampling perfumes and reviewing them, for yours or my pleasure, but I think since I’ve bought this website, I will now begin to use it more frequently for the sake of having a diary, I suppose. Back when LiveJournal and Myspace were fashionable (when I was in my teens), I kept a pretty diligent blog, even if everything I wrote about was morbidly boring and extremely self involved. I wonder if it helped the creative process though -something which I’ve been struggling with sometime now but didn’t seem to struggle with back then…


I think I will just use the website now for whatever purposes I see fit, rather than obsessing about a return to perfume reviews and history. After all, I’m not a one dimensional creature.

Sensory Questionnaire

Located this interesting survey on scent here and determined that this was a good way to introduce myself to this new blog. So enjoy, and consider please that I am merely a novice perfume enthusiast.

1. What does your sense of smell mean to you?

For me, my sense of smell is my vehicle to a different time and place. What motivates me to keep trying fragrance is that each one is capable of telling an entirely unique story. Smells are intended to remind us of all the extremes in our life, our greatest pleasures in sex and food, and some of our greatest dangers which our nose can warn us against before any other sense. But then there is everything in between those extremes. The smell of bread, of metal, of rubber and hot asphalt, of dirt, fresh cut grass, the boastful hyacinth, mildew on wet clothes, the smell of a cat’s tongue licked fur. The plethora of colors that paint our olfactory experience in life. These are what tie us to our sense of self, our sense of time and place, they move us emotionally and guide us instinctively.

2. What are some of your strongest scent memories?

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